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Brent Stegeman – Guitar/Synthesizer/Programming
Damian Coward – Drums/Electronics
Laura Bradfield – Bass Guitar
Ian Jackson – Guitar
Miles Brown – Theremin/Synthesizer

Hailed as one of the best post-metal albums of 2009, Heirs’s debut, Alchera, established the band amongst Australia’s foremost instrumental acts. Released by German label Denovali Records, the album contained distant echoes of industrial metal deviants Godflesh, the misanthropic catharsis of early Swans and the gloomy noise rock of Slint, but these influences are something they have been steadily outgrowing. The album’s accompanying tour saw the band play 69 shows across Europe, UK and Japan, cementing their reputation for delivering an engulfing and all-consuming live experience. On stage, the band maintained a relentless, ear-splitting offensive, defying audience expectations by refusing to offer an immediate sense of resolution.

2010 saw the release of Heirs second album, Fowl, displaying a shift towards a broader sonic palette, taking further influence from industrial, darkwave and gothic rock. Incorporating a pugilistic rhythmic foundation with coarse, threatening guitar textures and a stronger electronic presence, Fowl marked a great leap forward for Heirs, taking them beyond genres into a realm that is almost hermetic in its vision. The album also featured the bands first collaborations with multi instrumentalist and world renowned Theremin maestro, Miles Brown. Receiving much praise from critics and fans alike, Heirs returned to Europe to promote the album, performing Denovali Swingfest in Germany, Bracara Extreme Festival in Portugal, as well as headline shows across France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and Germany. An Australian tour with post-rock heavyweights Laura followed in March 2011, which saw the band courting a confronting visual presence to compliment the weight of their sound.

In September 2011, Heirs will release the first single from their forthcoming third album in the form of a 10″/CD titled “Hunter”, again on Denovali Records. The material sees Heirs strengthening their melodic resolve, and while equally intense, inhabits a less oppressive atmosphere, with the band citing Cocteau Twins & Sisters of Mercy as being influential to their process. It also sees the band taking their visual explorations to new heights, with artwork and video production taking even greater significance, where light, colour and sound are distorted in to a monochrome, hyper-real coition.

To celebrate the release Alcest & Heirs are touring Australia in October 2011 presented by Exotic Corpse and Reckoning Entertainment. The tour features visuals and installations by Heirs’ guitarist and visual artist Brent Stegeman.

Heirs ʻHunterʼ 10”/CD out October 31 on Denovali Records.

“I haven’t been this excited about a new record, or a new band, in a very long time. Even the most experienced and skilled ensembles rarely produce work that is as high-calibre and consistent as this release. Heirs has created something special with Fowl, a record that everyone should – at the very least – give a chance.” - The Silent Ballet

“I haven’t heard an album this invigorating… If you’re a fan of any genre of heavy music, this is an absolutely essential purchase and a forerunner for Australian album of the year. Brilliant.” - X-Press Magazine

“There’s reticent beauty in the ugliness here and a heart that beats with purpose. There are many complexities, but also a clear and single narrative that defines Fowl – most notably from anything else that heavy music has on offer! 5 Stars” - Time Off Magazine

“There is a hallucinatory beauty in Heirs’ terror, but it is the beauty of infinitely stretched time, the interminable intervals between seconds, and the desire for oblivion echoing through a vacant mind.” - Rene Shaefer